Interiors & Graphics

Kevin moved to New York City from Berkeley, California during the brutal January frosts of 2011. Since then, he has explored his inspirations and discovered his passion for the design of everything.

Having completed a graphic design program at the Shillington School in 2012, he is now in his final year and semester at the New York School of Interior Design and looking forward to the next adventure.

Kevin has worked with Dennis Miller Associates and has come to highly respect and admire furniture design and hopes to one day design his own. He has also worked as a junior design intern with Kati Curtis Design and helped with both residential and commercial interiors.

Currently, Kevin is working with Gordon International at the New York Design Center streamlining their materials library and also interning at TPG Architecture in the Hayes Studio for corporate interiors. 

Even before design became a career path, Kevin has been attracted to hospitality interiors and especially impressed with restaurants. This, he hopes, is part of the next step.

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